I'm Janelle, a self proclaimed Bondgirl and modern day Hitchcock blonde..

The femme fatale. I’m the girl who will break your heart, drink your last bottle of scotch and get you in all sorts of trouble (good and bad) - all in the same wild night.

I'm the good time party girl best friend or flirty girlfriend in a comedy. But if you cross me in a drama, watch out. I love strong female characters who are a combination of witty and dangerous which is why I regularly work out, kickbox and practice at the shooting range. 

You can find me either in my weekly scene study class with Anthony Grasso or in my weekly film combat class with Demetrius Angelo - I'm ready to whatever life throws at me. 

I’m both terrified and fascinated by science and technology and this has inspired me to start writing science fiction films as a coping mechanism.

Intrigued? Check out my resume for more information on my past projects, news for the everything I’m doing now or my social media for all the juicy stuff.